FORDUCKS FILMS presents A Sensation Novel

Lucy Litchfield As Alice

Lucy has a long history of working with Forducks, including multiple roles at the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival and can't wait to start working on this new project.


An accomplished actor for stage and screen, some of Lucy’s credits include:


  • With Forducks: Foggerty’s Fairy, Pygmalion & Galatia, An Afternoon with Babs, The Astounding Adventure of WJ Calamity, Sir Rockheart the Revengeful, Fairytale.

  • Theatre and musicals: The Cherry Orchard, a national tour of Of Mice and Men, Pinocchio in Pinocchio, Footloose (Musical), A Chorus Line (Musical) and Emily in the original West End play No Take Backs

  •  Film: Employee of the Week, Old Dog New Tricks, Moments, Another Statistic



Lucy is currently playing multiple roles as part of Rainbow Theatre’s Spring/Summer Rep Season


Lucy's Spotlight profile

You can follow Lucy on Twitter @LucyLitchfield

Lucy Litchfield (click pic for CV)