FORDUCKS FILMS presents A Sensation Novel

Carla Rose As Rockalda

Originally from Suffolk, Carla is currently in her final year of training at ALRA South where she's trained in period dance, stage combat, improv, singing, TV, vocal technique and movement.

She has a background in musical theatre, but most recently played 'Leah' in Dennis Kelly's 'DNA' directed by James Cartwright, and is currently in rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz, where she'll be playing the role of the scarecrow!


Credits include: 


  • The wizard of Oz - Scarecrow, DNA - Leah, Twelfth Night - Viola, The Winters Tale - Paulina, A streetcar named Desire - Stella, Uncle Vanya - Yeliena, RENT - Mimi, EVITA - Eva Peron.



Carla Rose